Skipper Cover - V1100

Professional Skipper

“The Voyager V1100 Discovery is one of the most interesting craft we have reviewed. It is built to cater to the luxury market, while being practical enough to service the Bareboat Charter, and Sport Fishing Markets. She performs well and the volume on board to give freedom to move without tripping over each other.”

Multihull Cover

Multihull PowerCats – Barry Taylor

It is intriguing how people view their boats; to some it is a fishing boat, to others it is a family boat, to still others it is a devout long-range cruiser, and to people like the owner of this Voyager V1100 Discovery it surely is the discovery of a new means of getting away from the hustle and bustle of (Sydney) city life and simply – having fun on the water!


Boating New Zealand – by John Eichelsheim

New Zealand importer Richard Wardenburg spied Voyager Catamarans while searching for a boat that would handle the Pauanui Bar, without regularly damaging props and legs – a problem with his previous launches.