Australian Boating Cover - V1250

Australian Boating – by Ian Macrae

It seems the older we powerboaters get our need to get from Point A to Point B at ‘full throttle’ diminishes (I hope that’s all that diminishes), but it’s true. Because, while I still enjoy the adrenalin rush I get from a 70mph flight across the water from a boat like a ‘Cigarette’ at any opportunity, I really do enjoy the relaxed pleasure of a leisurely cruise up the coast (as long as I can still go fishing), the longer the better.

Multihull Cover - V1250

Mulithull World Power Catamarans – by Barry Tyler

Stylish in profile and now sporting an optional fully enclosed fly bridge, this new Conquest model is if you like a larger more luxury version of their current V1100 Discovery model. Like the Mexican conqueror Conquistador, it hails a new era in Voyager technology, specification and presentation for rather than simply ‘tarting’ up the V1100 model Voyager designer and CEO, Derek Appleton, has a completely new hull as well as deck and interior design. “The profile lines are still indisputably Voyager,” Appleton explained, “but the enclosed fly bridge configuration required a whole new approach to layout and styling.